A new scheme is being launched this month offering a more affordable legal advice service to people who are “just about managing” financially.

  • Working with the not-for-profit parenting organisation OnlyMums & OnlyDads, the Family Law Panel will offer members of the public an initial information service completely free of charge. This will give families the ability to better understand their situation and be fully briefed on their options for moving forward.
  • The Panel has now launched a “reduced fees scheme” for individuals earning less than £20,000 per year and with less than £20,000 in accessible savings. The hourly rate under this scheme is set at around £125 per hour (plus VAT). Bob Greig, Co-Director of OnlyMums & OnlyDads said:

“The reduced fees scheme is timely; a number of people – the so-called “Jams” – often struggle to pay full commercial rates. We know that many parents are looking to perhaps use professional advisers to take on particular bits of work on their individual cases and a figure in the region of £125 an hour is clearly more manageable than £250 (or more) an hour.”

  • OnlyMums & OnlyDads was founded nine years ago by Rebecca Giraud and Bob Greig. As the name suggests, it helps and supports both mothers and fathers through divorce and separation. Rebecca said:

“Getting away from talk of rights and instead providing people with information that is both professional and objective is central to our work. Most people coming through our websites have legal concerns – both before and during court proceedings – and the Family Law Panel is doing a great job in listening and offering suggestions on the options available to people.”


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Family Law Panel reduced fees scheme to help people in a “jam”