What are the rules?


The most important people are the children and we hope that they will have good memories and warm feelings about their visit.

We try to have as few rules as possible. However – as the Contact Centre is used by several families at the same time, consideration for the comfort and safety of all users is important.

Therefore, we’re grateful to families for following these guidelines which are there to help everyone maintain a friendly and warm atmosphere.

  • Parents are responsible for the safety and supervision of their children at all times while at the Contact Centre and also for all personal belongings.
  • No child may be left without a parent in attendance – unless there is an agreement that a volunteer should hand your child over from one parent to the other.
  • A child may be taken out of the Contact Centre during a visit only if it is so stated on the referral form or with the written consent of both parents.
  • Relatives and friends – other than the parents, can only attend if they are named on the referral form.
  • There must be no arguing in front of the children. Abusive, disruptive or aggressive behaviour and offensive remarks will not be tolerated. Any visitor acting in this way will be asked to leave.
  • Anyone who is unfit to look after children because they are under the influence of – or carrying, alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to use the Contact Centre.
  • There is a no smoking policy on the premises; parents may not leave the premises for a smoke during a contact visit.
  • We encourage visiting parents to switch off their mobile phones while in the Contact Centre.
  • Please respect the facilities provided and the privacy and confidentiality of other users.
  • At all times, access to the Contact centre is by prior appointment only.

The Contact Centre Trustees have drawn up a full set of policies for child protection, health and safety and other procedures at the Centre. These are available for you to view at any Saturday session – just ask the Team Leader on duty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like at the Contact Centre?

At a Child Contact Centre, the most important people are the children. We aim to create a warm, safe, sociable atmosphere where their families can relax and enjoy themselves. At the Loughborough Child Contact Centre, we have an enclosed garden adjoining the Centre and – providing the weather is okay, everyone using the Centre gets to enjoy the garden.

What do the helpers do?

The men and women who run the Contact Centre each week are not social workers  or legal advisors. They are unpaid and impartial volunteers who receive basic and ongoing training; from time to time, they meet as a group to discuss matters of mutual interest arising in the course of their work. They are not responsible for looking after the children. They register them, provide play equipment and refreshments – at a modest charge, and generally manage the smooth running of the Centre.

What happens if I can’t come to a session?

Please let your former partner and our Co-ordinator know in advance (Mobile 07932 195229). The Team Leader on duty can also be reached at the Contact Centre on this number should you need to contact them on the Saturday.

Do I have to meet my former partner?

No, staggered arrival times can be set up. The Co-ordinator will discuss this with you when they phone you to agree and finalise the contact arrangements.

Can I bring my new partner?

Contact with children is only open to those adults named on the referral form. You can discuss this with the Co-ordinator when they phone you to agree and finalise the contact arrangements.

Will any reports be made about what happens at the Child Contact Centre?

Absolute confidentiality is maintained by the helpers who do not provide any reports for the Courts or anyone else unless a child is believed to be at risk of harm.

What happens if I have a complaint?

Most complaints can be dealt with at the time. If you have a complaint or concern, we hope you will raise it with the Team Leader on duty who will be happy to discuss this with you. You can also ask for a copy of our Complaints Procedure. However, if you are still unhappy about something then do please contact the Co-ordinator (Mobile 07932 195229)


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