getting-it-rightGetting It Right For Children is an online programme, designed specifically to tackle the potential problems children can face when their parents separate.

Most mums and dads want what’s best for their children whether they are together or apart. Very few set out to deliberately put their children in the middle when they separate, of course you don’t want to hurt them or put them under unnecessary stress. But as the emotional and practical realities of parenting after parting set in all too often it’s the children who get caught in the middle.

They may think their children aren’t being affected, aren’t struggling with being loyal to both parents, are happy to carry messages back and forth between mum and dad– but this is rarely the case.

Research shows when couples part there are inevitable disagreements and difficulties and children often become caught in the middle of parents’ arguments and this can be damaging, whatever their age.

Of course both parents are hurt and angry and learning new ways of communicating with each other can be difficult especially in the early days. Or they are just too caught up with their own feelings to see what’s going on for the children. It’s not intentional but it happens.

The programme is easily accessible, engaging and has lots of practical tips and techniques, Getting it Right for Children When Parents Part is available free for any user – signing up is easy, and users can work through the course at their own pace depending on the time they have – complete one family at a time or all five in one session.

The programme can be found at

Getting it Right for Children when Parents Part